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The Gymblonski Corporation Minecraft Server

This website was created due to the elongated vacancy of the owner of Gymblonski Corporation, Gymblonski. As a valued member of the Minecraft server & community I would like to transmit a message with dedication and meaning, all attempts made to alert the previous members of this community have been fooled by Gymblonski and his tempting mystery to know when he will return. Here I am, Delta, telling you that there is still a chance to relive those memories, so it is your responsibility to make every moment you experienced relive in 2022.
Come and join us once again.

A reminder of the things you missed

Some things mean more to some than others, making this important to people like you and I,
I have collected some photos which were taken in the Minecraft server, maybe you will remember some.

Is this a good idea to be interested in?

I can trust that as the new owner for the Minecraft server, I will not let anyone down, I can provide a 99.99% guarantee that the server will be online, enticed with the same modules as the last, regularly updated, security ensured. For previews on the new server check the second gallery below.

What will happen if I join?

If you supply proof that you had a previous rank/role in the original Minecraft server, like donator for example you will be granted that role back completely free of charge by contacting me personally upon joining the Discord server.

How do I participate in rebirthing the Minecraft server?

If you would like to join us once again, you can click the button below to copy the server IP which will make you able to join on Java clients, currently the server is updated to 1.18.1.

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